AZ Hearing Manufacturing

AZ Hearing has been focusing on hearing aid manufacturing since 2015. Our production line operators are experienced in electronics and soldering. We are also equipped with industry-leading equipment to manufacture and inspect hearing aids. 


High Temperature and Humidity Test Device


Laser Lettering Machine


Fonix Hearing Aid Test System


Salt Spray Test Machine




Resolution Microscope with Display Screen

Hearing Aids Manufacturing Process

Component Inspection

Component Inspection

We work with world-renowned component suppliers, such as Knowles, Intricon, Sonion, PowerOne

Welding Production

To manufacture a hearing aid, components need to be soldered on the circuit board.



Experienced operators assemble different parts into the hearing aid housing.



Rounds of inspection will be conducted, including checking appearance, sound quality and other performance.

IQC-Incoming Quality Control

When we receive materials and components, our IQC department first checks their conformity against the inspection criteria. Only qualified materials enter our warehouse. Smaller components are examined through our ultra-microscope.
1 Incoming Quality Control
2 Welding and Assembly

Welding and Assembly

Once the production department receives the materials, welding and assembly under a microscope begins. Our welding operators are highly skilled and very experienced.

Electrical Test with Fonix

The Fonix test machine makes a sound that is picked up by the hearing aid’s microphone. The hearing aid’s performance is then assessed based on the results displayed on the Fonix screen.
3 Electrical Test with Fonix
4 Listening Test

Listening Test

Experienced hearing inspectors wear the hearing aid, as end users do, to test the device for whistling sounds and other noise feedback. The volume settings, program settings, and other functions are also evaluated.

Rechargeability Reliability Test

For rechargeable products, the charging performance is checked. All products are first fully charged; then discharged; and then charged again to ensure that the product has enough power before shipping. The charging time, current, voltage, and other necessary measurements are recorded and checked for irregularities.
5 Rechargeability Reliability Test
6 Packaging


We have precise packaging guidelines to ensure that our packaging personnel pack strictly per requirement.

OQC-Outgoing Quality Control

Our OQC personnel check the goods according to AQL standards, including the hearing device itself and its packaging.