Trustworthy Hearing Aid Manufacturer to Boost Your Business

As your hearing aid supplier, we offer brand labeling/OEM/ODM services.

Why do you need the OEM/ODM service?

Have Your Own Brand

Having your own brand can help you with your market needs. Products that carry your brand name can make sales easier for you and build up greater trust with your clients.

Differentiate Yourself from Competitors

Creating your own brand will differentiate your products from others in the market. This can give you the edge over your competitors.

No Manufacture Troubles

Leave factory operation problems to us. We can manufacture hearing aids for your own brand.

Customized Product

Different markets have different hearing aid needs. If our standard product is different from what you require, we can design and manufacture custom-built hearing aids for your target market.
Want To Do Customized OEM/ODM Service ?

What We Can Do for You?

OEM Service

laser engrave your logo
custom packaging

Customized Logo and Design

If you want to sell our products with your brand, we can laser engrave your logo on the hearing aid and offer a series of customized packaging, including instruction manuals, warranty card, and color box.

If you have an idea and design for a hearing aid, we can also work on manufacturing issues for you. You don’t have to run your own factory, and our factory could take care of production process. 

ODM Service

Custom Your Hearing Aids

If you want an exclusive product, we can design new hearing aids together. We can offer a series of solutions from product appearance, component selection to function configuration.

If you want custom colors, this is also feasible. Our raw material suppliers have a MOQ demand for custom color, which we can further explore it in during cooperation.

Custom Your Hearing Aids​