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  • 5 + years of OTC hearing aid manufacturing experience
  • 100% quality test for all our OTC hearing aids
  • Chips produced by reputable manufacturers for quality sound and functionality
  • Outstanding ODM / OEM services to help you establish your business
  • Direct supply from manufacturer: we provide quick feedback to your questions
  • Competitive prices and wide distribution margins to raise your market share
  • Wide OTC hearing aids options: open-fit hearing aids, Bluetooth CIC, ITE, BTE, or rechargeable / non-rechargeable.
  • 100% responsible for before and after-sales issues
  • 12 months manufacturer’s warranty: Hearing aids from us enjoy 12 months warranty. 
OTC Hearing Aid Manufacturer

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Why AZ Hearing could be a Reliable OTC Hearing Aid Factory


All Products Are 100% Inspected

Our FQC will check all hearing aids and reject defective products during production.


Resonable Price

You will get competitive price to gain a better benefit in the market. Please rest assured that we offer reasonable quotes to give you maximum support.

professional oem/odm servicer

ODM Service Available

You could list your requirement on hearing aid setting and AZ Hearing will propose the solution for you.


12 Month Factory Warranty

You will get 12 months warranty of digital/analog OTC hearing aids.

Famous Brand Components

You will not get worried of the components used in AZ’s products, most our core components are from famous brands including Intricon, Onsemi, Knowles.

Experienced After-Service

We have rich experience dealing with hearing aids issue. We could repair/refurbish/renewal defective hearing aids and then ship back to you.

OTC Hearing Aid: Your Primier Choice of Hearing Aids

AZ Hearing has been focused on hearing aid manufacturing for several years now, and we’ve seen the hearing aid industry change over the years. 

AZ Hearing supplies branded hearing aids that are available for sale directly over the counter. In fact, during the past five years more and more distributors are getting successful sales of hearing aids directly over the counter.

The popularity of e-commerce has given us new opportunities, either build our website or sell personal sound amplifier on 2C platforms like Amazon. On the other hand, over-the-counter sales have always played an important role in traditional sales channels. 

Our hearing aids are ready to use, which eliminating the hassle of fitting and making them perfect for over the counter sales. 

The following features of our hearing aids make them fit for over the counter sales:

  1. Comprehensive Function: Volume control, program switch and other function are perfectly loaded into small hearing aid body.
  2. Hearing Aids of Different Power: We have hearing aids of different power, which can help users with different hearing loss level, from mild to moderate to severe hearing loss. For Severe hearing loss market, you could consider purchasing our Echo.
  3. No Need for Hearing Aid Fitting: Our hearing aids are already pre-programmed, so you don’t have to program and can sell them directly.
  4. Various Listening Program Setting: Multiple programs allow users to switch it at different environments, such as outdoor, restaurant, telephone talk, etc.
  5. Unique Packaging: Our standard packaging can be displayed directly at the counter. If you need a hanging design display, we can add a hook.
  6. A Variety of Models Are Available: If you are looking for BTE, open fit, or ITE/CIC/ITC, we have a bunch of models worth trying.

If you are looking for an OTC hearing aid supplier?

If you need reliable OTC hearing aid manufacturer to support your business?

AZ Hearing is your right choice.

Please do not hesitate to contact AZ Hearing to get the best price of your otc hearing aid today.

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OTC Hearing Aid - The Ultimate Guide

Lessons We Gained from FDA’s Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aid Letter as A Manufacturer for Hearing Aid

William H. Maisel, the Director of Product Assessment, posted a letter to the hearing aids suppliers on the FDA website on July 24, 2018. The letter discusses the interpretation of OTC hearing aids, the plan of proposed over-the-counter ( OTC) hearing aids regulation, and rules that producers should follow.

Through the letter and industry news, we have some clue to 5 questions you might have for OTC Hearing aids in the USA. 

Q1: What are over-the-counter hearing aids? From where could users buy OTC hearing aids?

In the USA, the distribution of hearing aid machines is controlled by the FDA. Prior to July 12, 2016, users needed approval from medical experts to show if the condition can be rectified through a surgical operation or medical treatment. Adults could only bypass the medical evaluation criteria by signing a waiver.

Today, users are not required to sign a waiver to get hearing devices, still, the distribution of hearing aids is restricted to specific regulations.

OTC hearing aids are devices that can be obtained from online and from stores. Users don’t need a license to get them. That means users can freely buy them electronically, through mail or physically in stores. 

Q2: What benefits could consumer could gain from OTC HA?

Commonly speaking, licensed hearing professionals offer personal fitting and listening assessment to users before providing them hearing aids. The average cost of hearing amplifiers plus the care required can exceed $2000. This high cost stops many patients from getting hearing aids.

Over-the-counter hearing devices may be a cost-effective alternative for people with a mild to moderate hearing impairment. That is also the original purpose of the 2017 FDA Reauthorization Act (FDARA), which allows for hearing devices to be more accessible by the elderly. 

Q3: Are over-the-counter hearing aids available now?

OTC hearing aid are currently not available until the final regulations to be published takes effect. The FDA is scheduled to update draft OTC hearing aids regulation by 18th August 2020.

Q4: How does an over-the-counter hearing aid work?

The devices will use similar technology and component of the current hearing aids. Wireless devices, Bluetooth, and self-assessment exams may also be used.

Q5: What does OTC hearing aid production mean for distributors of hearing aids?

On the suppliers’ end, the competition will be fierce. Many electronic brands may join the hearing aid industry or work with manufacturers with OEM service such as OEM. Soon, consumers will be buying the aids from roadside pharmacies, supermarkets, and online. Increased competition means prices of OTC HAs would likely fall.

On the consumer’s end, with easier access to hearing aids, hearing aid users will increase.

As an existing hearing aid manufacturer, we need to be innovative to in your production as you prepare for the upcoming over-the-counter hearing devices. We are looking forward to all changes that could be brought by OTC hearing aids. 

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