Perla Mini Invisible Hearing Aid

Compared to BTE hearing aids, ITE/CIC is easier to use and wear, by simply attaching ear dome and inserting 10A battery. Perla could sit well inside the ear canal, it is more invisible to ease user’s wearing burden. These two points are also the main reasons why users prefer ear canal devices.

Perla is a standard modular CIC hearing aid that has been loved by consumers for these reasons.

  • Programming free, with preset programs to adjust users’requirement
  • Affordable, low trial and error costs
  • Small and concealed, users do not have to worry about the embarrassment of wearing hearing aids
  • Easy to operate, just adjust the volume
  • Fit more ear canal sizes with 3 bell-shaped ear domes, 3 closed ear domes
  • Volume can be easily adjusted with rotation
  • Suitable for users with mild to moderate hearing loss