binaural wearing of hearing devices

Why my audiologist suggest me to wear two hearing aids?

It’s reasonable for a doctor/audiologist to suggest you wear two hearing aids if you suffer hearing loss for both ears.Many users think hearing aids are too expensive and they don’t want to buy one pair at one time. We totally understand it, but here comes the benefits of binaural wearing, you should know it before you make the decison:Better sound orientation, confirmation the sound sourceFeeling more balancedProtecting the brain’s ability to recognize soundHelps keep binaural active and functional In fact, studies have shown that wearing two hearing aids could be up to 3 times better than wearing just one.So if you could afford two hearing aids, we suggest you wear both of them if needed.

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hearing loss types

Types of Hearing Loss and Corresponding Audiograms

Hearing loss can be divided into three main categories depending on where the damage is in the ear and what causes it: sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss and mixed hearing loss. You could know which treatment is best for you with the understanding of your hearing loss cause and type. Now let’s take a look at these hearing loss types.

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Impact of not wearing hearing aids with hearing loss

Technically speaking, your ability to hear will not be worse just because you don’t wear hearing aids. Anyway, the gradual progression of hearing loss will occur whether you are wearing hearing aids or not. But our brain’s ability to understand language, like our bodies, needs to be exercised to stay healthy. If we miss some sounds over time, our brain is less stimulated and therefore speech recognition will be poor. Simply put, wearing hearing aids can compensate for your loss of hearing and ensure that your brain and nerves are stimulated. If you have a hearing loss and don’t get help, your speech discrimination will be affected in the long term.

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