Oticon online Opn launch to Chinese audience

On Nov.3rd,2020, Oticon hosted an online launch of its Opn product. Despite the challenges the epidemic brought by covid-19 for all hearing health providers, Oticon says they will still try best to provide best service and have faith in Chinese market.


The most distinctive feature of the Opn series is 360° directionality, and research data shows that with full directionality, the brain can better locate sound locations and people with hearing loss can better distinguish between secondary speakers and noise.

As shown above, our brain focuses primarily on the primary speaker and is unable to distinguish between secondary speakers and background noise.

In the picture above, we can see that with 360° directionality enabled, the user can better hear what the secondary speaker is saying.

For children, this kind of full directionality can help them learn things while playing. When children are listening, they don’t always face the talker, so the directionality helps them pick up all sounds coming from different direction.

The mission of all hearing aid manufacturers is to help hearing-impaired users hear better. We also strive to align ourselves with the big brands of hearing aids to help users hear better.

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