Intro of Our BTE Hearing Aids with Trimmers

Our hearing aids are non-programmable, which means it doesn’t need fitting software to customize each device. However, for BTE with trimmers, our distributors/ audiologists could adjust the hearing device to better fit with elders with hearing loss.

Today we will shortly introduce our digital BTE models with trimmers.

What are trimmers of hearing aids?

Trimpots are small circular knobs that can be adjusted to effect high frequencies and output volume. Audiologists could adjust the trimmer to let the hearing aids better fit with patient’s hearing loss.

Trimmer adjustment is intended for professional’s operation.

How to use it?

For H trimmer: If you want to increase clarity, turn it counterclockwise; to eliminate feedback, turn it clockwise.

For P trimmer: If you want to increase output, turn it clockwise.

Our BTE models with trimmer

ImageEcho Digital Hearing AidDance BTE Hearing AidsVOZ BTE Hearing Aid
Channel2 channel2 channel2 channel
Trimmers2: H + P2: H + P2: H + P
Battery675A 13A13A
Max Gain(dB)76±467±560±5
Max Output(dB)137±5135±4132±5
Intended Hearing Loss LevelSevereModerate to severeModerate to severe
Price? Please check with our sales30$-40$30$-40$

Video display

Detailed introduction of each model

Welcome to check with us for more details!

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