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A quick look at Hearing Aid Brands–who are Big Six/Five?

When it comes to hearing aid brands, it is always confusing for consumers. There are so many brands and we are not sure which brand relates to which company/group.

Today we are going to look through main brands and their company.

Above is the Hearing Technology Industry Map from Hearingtracker.com.

Let’s make a brief sheet of BIG FIVE hearing aid companies.

CountryCompanyMain Brand
DenmarkGN ResoundResound Beltone
    Denmark, SingaporeWS Audiology (Widex& Sivantos)Widex Signia Siemens
Audio Service
Miracle Ear
  DenmarkWilliam DemantOticon Bernafon Sonic
USAStarkeyStarkey Audibel
SwitzerlandSonovaPhonak Kirkland Hansaton Unitron Lyric
BIG FIVE hearing aid companies

On of March 1, 2019, Widex and Sivantos merged together to create WS Audiology. The merged company, with dual headquarters in Denmark and Singapore, is now the third-largest supplier in an industry.

Hearing aid industry is special that more than 80 percent of products are sold from only six manufacturers. But each major manufacturers have several brands.

Hope now you have a clearer idea of hearing aid companies and their subsidiaries.

Post date: March 2nd, 2019

Resource: hearing tracker

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